Want to Attract Clients With Ease and Flow?

Welcome, how lovely that you stumbled upon my fun little corner on the internet! My name is Jamila Ekkel and I am a 36-year old social, introverted lady with a busy – but superfun and not TOO busy – existence and a background in clinical psychology.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the ‘busy bee’-type. Have a hard time sitting still and am in need of LOTS and lots of mental, intellectual stimulation. I’m a self-taught webdesigner and copywriter – ever since I was 12 I learned how to code and program in CSS and HTML plus a bit of PHP. Yes, completely voluntary – no parental enforcement involved. Over the years I have personally owned and run several online companies; webshop and service based businesses alike. (You can read more about my entrepreneurial adventures on this page.) On top of that I’ve worked for a big Dutch company as webdesigner and content marketeer – which was incredibly fun and educational for two years of my life.

So, the funny thing is: my background is originally in Psychology. I’ve graduated as (Master)psychologist in the Clinical Psychology field about 12 years ago. Been working as a psychologist for over 11 years now and I’ve been running my own private (offline) practice for over 9+ years. Really enjoyed it for the first couple of years, but as you might be able to imagine: all the stories that you hear can really get to under your skin… Being the Highly-Sensitive Person that I am, I’ve now decided that enough is enough. I can’t go through with it any longer.

For about a good year now, I’ve been not only healing using scientific methods – but I’ve also took a more spiritual path, so to say. Some may call it ‘woo’ – I am still unsure as to what exactly to call it: but let’s say I’m into energetics now. The deep kind.

And I’ve recently found my life calling: creating Soul Brands for Intuitive Service Providers (such as coaches, therapists, mentors or spiritual entrepreneurs) who want to express their true soul essence to their audience and through this process attract their Dream Clients (instead of having to ‘market and sell’ themselves in icky ways). Because your Brand can absolutely do the selling and all the heavy lifting FOR you!! A good brand tells a great story. And stories sell. That’s it.

Sometimes it can be hard to capture our OWN soul essence into our brand, though. We just need a helping hand. Someone who looks at you from a distance, someone who has strong intuition and some psychic skills – someone similar to yourself!

Have I perhaps piqued your interest with my story, even if it’s just a little tiny bit? Take a look around my website and if you’re still enthusiastic about what you see then I would absolutely love to meet you and speak with you. Feel free to contact me at any time!